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Art Christmas market 2019

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At Thursday December 12 it is Candle Night at the Hoogstraat in Schiedam. On this occasion, OpenArtExchange will open its doors at Hoogstraat 85 for 10 days for a special Xmas Art fair with artworks from 10 recognized local and foreign artists at a 10% discount. We bring a mix of affordable larger and smaller works in various disciplines to the art market, including collages, paintings, drawings and sculptures. 

 Participating artists: Frans de Winter (Rotterdam/Vlaardingen), Mumpasi Meso (Brazilië/Angola), Bouvy Enkobo (DR Congo), Jeffrey Burger (Schiedam), Gabriel Jideonwor (Nigeria), Jaques Tange (Schiedam), Patricio Mawete (Angola), Tho Simões (Angola), Fenneke Hordijk (Rotterdam/Schiedam), Lawrence Kwakye (Den Haag/Ghana).