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Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt (2022)

Celebrating African Diversity at Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt

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From November 3-6 we will be returning to the Discovery Art Fair in Frankfurt with more than 120 other exhibitors in the grand Hall 1 of the Frankfurter Messe. Feel warmly welcome to visit us at booth GE6. This time OpenArtExchange presents 4 great African artists from 4 different countries: Tchif Tchiakpe (Benin), Kingsley Ogwara (Luxembourg/Nigeria), Serge Diama (DR Congo) and Mounou Desire Koffi (Ivory Coast). Wit this great selection we hope to cater for a broad audience:

Tchif shows his famous abstract expressionist total compositions full of depth and colour, to which he adds his own symbolic language. Kingsley Ogwara composes his also abstract colorful compositions in a pointillist pastiche style with rich textures, which seem to take the form of crowds of people. Up-and-coming talent Mounou creates a new series of stylized figurative textile works from recycled mobile key pads, jute and linen in more subdued organic earth tones with a hint of color. In contrast, the world of Serge Diama (DR Congo) is populated by surrealistic figures in exuberant colours, meticulously painted in a mix of oil paint, collage and pen drawing on A4 and A3 coated paper formats. Welcome to the eclectic world of African contemporary art.